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Live Stream

Live  stream group classes are here!



Drop-in classes are 60 minutes, $20 USD  and require *24 hours* in advance for booking.

You will receive a link for our meeting after sign-up. 


To confirm and register, please venmo @nikkibaksh

specifying which class you are attending.

Weekly rates - $50

Monthly rates - $108

*All classes are non-transferable. 

Cancellations/no-shows/ poor-connection forfeit payment*

There's nothing like the power + magnetism of a group class.


Let's stay connected in solidarity, as we

connect to the deepest parts of ourselves 

during this global awakening.

Open Vinyasa Flow

60 minutes


Monday/Wednesday /Friday


12pm Vinyasa Flow for the Nervous System


Register via venmo @nikkibaksh.

Please specify which class you are attending.

A link will be sent to you after registration.

Needing a 1-1 sacred healing

session to rebalance + relieve anxiety?

Click here.

Golden Chakra

We can lift the entire vibration of the entire planet by elevating our own consciousness.


Join me for a

Meditation to relieve Anxiety


60 minutes Yoga + Meditation




7:30pm Yoga + Meditation

The Yoga Room

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Need 1-1 personal growth, during this global awakening?


Check out some of  my virtual offerings

Golden Chakra

 ** Nikki's SOCA  Movement Dance Class**

will resume in mid-August.

Saturday 9:15a or Thursday 6:30p


Email your preference for class 

"I am Trini to the bone." 

Movement is Medicine

There's nothing sweeter than rhythmically moving our heart and whole body to the sounds of soca music, calypso, and afro-beats.

 SOCA + YOGA connects us to the deepest parts of ourselves with tribal sounds,  focused strength training and guided imagery.


Yoga Conditioning with Soca Music

60 minutes TOTAL


Tuesdays: 6:30p EST/ 18:30 HR

Strengthen/Wine/ Flow/

Vibe with the Tribe


Open to ALL levels

Please specify which class date* you are attending.

A link will be sent to you after registration.

Please send payment to: 

venmo handle @nikkibaksh

or request an international invoice

Click here.

*All classes are non-transferable/non-refundable.
*24 hours notice required for any class changes* 
Cancellations/no-shows/ poor-connection forfeit payment*
My heart weighs heavy today✨ ———————————


In loving memory of my family, I am offering these services.


Breathwork is an essential part of healing the central nervous system. If you are experiencing anxiety, racing thoughts, fear, distraction and other imbalances, breathwork is a great tool to restore balance.

During a remote session, I will provide guidance with gentle natural sounds + singing bowls, to ease your mind and calm your body.


Since many people are on fixed incomes, I am using this platform to provide

donation based breathwork.

(A suggested donation of $10 per class is appreciated)

This is particularly in service for elderly, sickly and those who are most vulnerable.

Donations in any amount can be made through my account via

venmo @nikkibaksh.

These sessions will be 10-15 minutes bookable via reservation 24 hours in advance, if available. To schedule, please email:

Let's lift each other up, one breath at a time.

Golden Chakra